Buses in Leeds are mostly run by First Group, and the only route that runs though the village is the 7s. The 98 and 99 (and X98) run along Wetherby Road, but that is a fair walk for most of the village.

If you just want to avoid driving into Leeds, then one option is to park in Oakwood which is served by the regular 12 and 13 (and the 98 and 99), or the Oakwood roundabout on Easterly Road which is served by the regular 49 and 50, or drive a bit further to Harehills which is served by all of the above.

If you just want to avoid parking fees in Leeds (and you don’t have a bus pass), then be wary: bus fares in Leeds verge on the extortionate. If there is more than one person travelling, then it will often be cheaper to park in the centre.

Full route maps and timetables at First.

Supermarket Buses

There is an Asda Bus which departs Shadwell on Tuesdays at 12.30 and returns approx 15.00.

Taxis & Private Hire

Premier is one of the largest private hire firms in Leeds, is relatively local and operates 24 hours.

There are plenty of other firms, but Streamline and City Cabs are notable.